Aluminum Stays

  • Preferred for any orthopedic garment demanding maximum stability and reinforcement such as knee immobilization, sacro and ankle supports. We offer our surface-treated, aluminum stays with a variety of convenient options to suit your needs.

    Treatment of Ends: The smooth, rounded ends can be burr-free and bare or white, enamel-dipped.

    Bends: Stays can be straight or shaped with standard or custom bends. We can accommodate any shape required by your product's design, including edge bends and complex multiple bends.

    Cross-sections: The desired level of support can be achieved by incorporating any of the following shapes.

  • Aluminum Stays
    Width Thickness
    1/2" 0.040", 0.065", 0.080"
    5/8" 0.065"
    11/16" 0.080"
    3/4" 0.125"
    1" 0.050", 0.063", 0.080", 0.125"
    Semi-Oval Stays
    Width Thickness
    1/2", 1" Not applicable due to shape.

    Ribbed Stays
    Width Thickness
    1/2" Not applicable due to shape.